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      The layout of the control room of the concrete batching plant can affect the overall working efficiency

                  According to concrete mixing station control system requirements, the display screen must show the concrete plant of the various parts of the row situation in order to store the huge data concrete batching plant for sale. But also to be able to print various types of report materials, and the best storage formula can have more than 30,000. Check the correctness of the PLC input part line: Placing the PLC in "STOP" position, checking all the switch buttons on the panel, inspecting the situation of the corresponding indicator light on the spot stop switch. Furthermore, checking the limit switch, the material level meter, and the compressed air pipe electric contact pressure gauge; check the overhaul protection switch, and press the motor start button when the door is open to prove that PLC input point has no signal input. In addition, the special attention is the function position of each knob and its input signal to check the correctness of the PLC output part of the external circuit, and carefully check the output points with the multimeter whether the resistance is normal. To check whether the control circuit and the drawings are consistent. Moreover, (special attention to detect the different voltage levels of the control circuit and the PLC module corresponds to the voltage level) to inspect the respective said shielding cable and instrumentation terminals are correct. Checking the emergency stop button on the operating table is validity or not.
              The control room is spacious and bright, elegant, and equipped with air-conditioning, and cool air can make electrical components durable to ensure the stable performance. To a large extent, the control system adopts the unique dual control form of state, which can share data between control and management, and when the control machine fails, the data can be converted to the management machine in time to ensure the normal operation of the system. It is suggested to set up surveillance camera for the key parts such as discharging port, batching plant and so on.

              In general, the operating system uses computer control machine, not only can be automatic control, but also it is manual operation and easy to operate. Besides, the introduction of electronic control system of concrete batching plant electronic control system adopts double control form, that is, the system consists of two high-performance industrial computers, one is as the main control production system, and the other is as a management and monitoring system (also it is as the main control production machine backup machine), to be the use of special batching control instruments.

              As the main control system, it is equiped with manual and automatic functions. The industrial computer through the external sampling, and through calculation, comparison, processing, output control of external driving elements, thus truly realizing the mixing station computer control. Management and monitoring of computer systems as a complete set of electronic control system of the standby system, in case the main computer problems. Because the user can choose the backup system to work, to ensure that the machine is operating normally and not to affect your production.

              The system has the function of printing statistic production daily, monthly report, on-line detection and monitoring. Also it has the fault diagnosis help system to instruct the user to repair. Console panel manual button system, which can complete the automatic control of ingredients, unloading, and out of the concrete manually controlled function. Electrical components are from internationally renowned manufacturers, which is a strong guarantee of the stability of the electronic control system to make sure the realization of mixing station double control form.

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