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      WBZ Stabilized Soil Batching Plant

      WBZ Stabilized Soil Batching Plant

      • Production rate:300t/h~800t/h
      • Control method:Automatic

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      Introduction of WBZ stabilized soil batching plant
      1. WBZ stabilized soil batching plant is a kind of important road construction equipment, applicable for stabilized base material production of city road, expressway, airport, port and so on.
      WBZ stabilized soil batching plant uses double-horizontal-shaft continuous mixer.
      WBZ stabilized soil batching plant two control modes: manual control and automatic control.

      detail description of WBZ300 Stabilized Soil Mixing Stations Control System


      1. Speed control method: frequency control speed, or electromagnetcspeed regulation.
      2. Adopt electric lubrication pump.
      3. Driven by electric drum, suitable for harsh environment.
      4. Adopt modular structure, easy to install, disassemble and transport.

      WBZ300 Stabilized Soil Mixing Stations Control System
      Model WBZ300/400/500/600/700/800
      Productivity 300t/h~800t/h
      Control Automatic/Manual
      Measuring method Volume measuring/Computer masuring
      Mode of speed regulatiuon Frequency control/Electromagnetic control
      Aggregate weighing accuarcy ±3%(volume), ±2%(weight)
      Powder weighing acuracy ±2%(volume), ± 1%(weight)
      Water weighing accuracy -1~2%

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