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      JS2000 Concrete Mixer

      JS2000 Concrete Mixer

      • Discharging Capacity (L):2000
      • Feeding capacity (L):3200
      • Maximum productivity(m3/h):100
      • Overall dimension (mm):4320*2200*3300
      • Assembly weight (kg):11100

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      Introduction of JS2000 concrete mixer

      1. JS2000 concrete mixer is twin-horizontal shaft forced concrete mixer with capacity of 2000L, so it is also nemed 2 yard concrete mixer.
      2. JS2000 concrete mixer is used to mix plastic concrete, dry hard concrete, fluid concrete, light aggregate and mortar, applicable for construction projects of highway, bridge, power plant, and dam.
      3. JS2000 concrete mixer can works independently, and also can be combined with PLD concrete batching machine to make up small cocnrete batching plant.

      1. Adopt wear-resistance steel lining plate and blades which is durable and replaceable.
      2. JS2000 concrete mixer has a good sealing performance, compensating the wear gap automatically.
      3. Adopt wear-resistant alloy plate and floating cutting-ring with long service life.
      4. Adopt automatic centralized lubrication system to ensure effective lubrication during operation.


      Model JS2000
      Discharging Capacity (L) 2000
      Feeding capacity (L) 3200
      Maximum productivity(m³/h) 100
      Mixing motor Model Y180M-4
      Winch motor Model YEZ160L-4
      Water Pump motor Model 50DWB20-8A
      dimension transportation state 10460*3400*9050
      Total weight (kg) 11100
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