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      HZS 150 concrete batching plant

      HZS 150 concrete batching plant

      • Productivity(m3/h): 150
      • Discharge Capacity(L): 2500
      • Discharge Height(m): 4.2
      • Total Power(kw): 210.5kw

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      HZS 150 concrete batching plant is a new type plant, adopting advanced technology as well as research design at home and abroad. It uses JS 2500 double horizontal shaft concrete mixer for the host, by the computer and the programmable automatic control system controller, mixing various proportions of concrete, and its productivity is 150m³/h, unloading height 4200mm. HZS 150 concrete batching plant is suitable for high buildings, hydropower, highway, bridge, port, airport and other large and medium-sized construction and precast concrete plant and commercial concrete production plant.

      HZS150 concrete batching plant component & process

      This mixing station consists of gravel batching system, conveying system, metering system, stirring device, water supply system, additive supply system, pneumatic system and electronic control system. 
      Its technological process is as follows: first, cement and fly ash of cement silo enter the corresponding weighing hopper through screw conveyor; second, sand stone in the sand bucket through its silo door into the arc weighing bucket to weigh, and through the horizontal belt machine and slanting belt machine into the sand, stone storage hopper. Then, water and additive by electric pump into the respective weighing hopper, until the mixture is completed into the mixer, and finished concrete enters the concrete truck through discharging hopper directly.  


      1.HZS 150 concrete batching plant performance is stable and reliable, with accurate weighing.
      2.The mixing time is short with good quality.
      3.It has two types of manual and automatic operation mode, high degree of automation. It can store a variety of concrete formula, equipped with a printer, convenient for production management.



      Theoretical productivity


      Mixer type


      Discharging capacity


      Maximum aggregate diameter


      Aggregate hoppper volume


      Aggregate feeding method

      Belt conveyor

      Cement silo (optional)

      Required on clients' demands

      Cement screw conveyor (optional)

      Each cement silo with one φ273 screw

      Aggregate weighing range and accuracy


      Cement weighing range and accuaracy


      Fly ash weighing range and accuracy


      Water weighing range and accuracy


      Additive weighing range and accuracy


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