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      HZS120 Concrete Batching Plant

      HZS120 Concrete Batching Plant

      • Productivity(m3/h): 120
      • Discharge Capacity(L): 2000
      • Discharge Height(m): 3.8
      • Mixed Aggregate(m3*qty): 20*4
      • Total Power(kw): 225

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      HZS120 Concrete Mixing Plant

      Model HZS120
      Theoretical productivity 120m³/h
      Mixer type JS2000
      Discharging capacity 2000L
      Maximum aggregate diameter 80mm
      Aggregate hoppper volume 4x16m³
      Aggregate feeding method Belt conveyor
      Cement silo (optional) Required on clients' demand
      Cement screw conveyor (optional) Each cement silo with one φ273 screw
      Aggregate weighing range and accuracy 3000kg±2%
      Cement weighing range and accuaracy 1200kg±1%
      Fly ash weighing range and accuracy 600kg±1%
      Water weighing range and accuracy 600kg±1%
      Additive weighing range and accuracy 50kg±1%

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